Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The $12 Polenta-Crusted Sweet Potato & Bean Burger

Recently, my friend asked me for suggestions on how to prepare Rio Zape beans.  Well, here's my first suggestion:  a nutritionally dense and flavorfully awesome combination of sweet potatoes, quinoa, veggies, and beans. It doesn't really showcase their extraordinary smoky & meaty qualities, but that same smokiness and meatiness makes for a very fine burger.  We had it for dinner tonight, served on a pretzel roll with a lavish helping of this bbq sauce, red onions, and a little sliced avocado and dang!   "I would pay for this burger," I said to R, and he said, "Twelve dollars.  That's how much I'd pay."

The original recipe came from a cookbook of an old roommate  - for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it - and I've tweaked it somewhat over the years.  I like to make up a batch and freeze them for those nights when cooking dinner for myself just seems like the worst.  It's a great replacement for those highly processed yet convenient TVP-based products you can find in the frozen food section, and the taste!  Oh man.  It's a lot of chopping & grating, but it's worth it, if you've got the time.

($12 Polenta-Crusted Sweet Potato & Bean Burger recipe below.)


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